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Holmenkol Shoe Proof, 250ml



  • Treatment for all leather types and textile/leather combinations providing excellent dirt/water resistance.
  • Supports full breathability.
  • The integral leather care ingredients keep the leather soft.
  • ShoeProof is the universal high tech impregnation not only for shoes and textiles but also for saddles, bridle, (leather) jackets,...

The tiny little nanoparticles build an extremely fine protective film over the leather and fabrics and repel reliably water, oil and dirt without influencing the breathability. Thanks to nanotechnology HOLMENKOL was able to reproduce the characteristics of the self-cleaning lotus flower. In addition to impregnation, HOLMENKOL ShoeProof also contains special ingredients which reduce the time to maintain all kinds of smooth and rough leather.

Quantity: spray, 250 ml

Clean the surface (using HOLMENKOL TextileWash or ShoeClean). Once dry, evenly spray onto the clean surface from a distance of around 15 cm. Allow to dry. Do not use heat.



Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Impregnation
Textile care quantity No

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Holmenkol Shoe Proof, 250ml
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Special treatment for all leather types and textile/leather combinations. with Lotus-Hybrid-Matrix for all kinds of leather and textile fabrics. It is ideal for all kinds of leather, leather/textile combinations and breathable functional textiles.
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