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Holmenkol Textile Proof



-  heavily water, dirt and oil-resistant
-  given full breathability
-  suitable for all materials such as Gore-Tex, Sympatex, Schoeller, eVent, Coolmax, Soft Shells
-  high performance and durability on the textile
-  environmentally-friendly aerosol spray: better distribu-tion, no drop formation, no clogged nozzles
-   immediately stable, no additional heating required, immediately effective after drying

1. Wash piece of clothing, for example with TextileWash.
2. Spray TextileProof evenly over the entire, dry surface of the material, don’t forget ends, corners, seams and edges (capillary effect)!
3. Let dry.

Tip: Do not saturate the material / the leather with waterproofing. Only spray in thin layers. In particularly stubborn cases, 2 thin layers are more effective than a thick layer.



Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Impregnation
Textile care quantity No

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Holmenkol Textile Proof
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TextileProof+Active 250 ml.
High-Tech nano-based impregnation for high quality sports and functional clothing. Soilresisting, water-repellent and oil resisting due to Louts-Hybrid-Matrix. Maintains the breathability of all kinds of fabrics.

Holmenkol textile proof: waterproofing effective: rated very good VERY GOOD (1.1) by Stiftung Warentest**, Germany
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