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CEP ski merino socks



USE cep ski merino socks for:

  • Optimum recovery and performance.
  • Direct contact with the ski boot for greater precision.
  • Maximum stability for muscles and joints.
  • Improved coordination.


  • Unique combination of premium merino wool, polyamide and high-tech spandex.
  • Perfect anatomical fit and extreme durability.
  • Extra-flat toe seam.


  • Optimum thermal balance thanks to merino wool
  • Excellent heat and moisture management
  • Padded zones to relieve pressure where it’s needed most
  • Thin functional knitting for direct power transfer
  • Antibacterial, odor-reducing properties

67 % polyamide, 23 % wool (merino),
10 % spandex

Measure the circumference around the fullest part of your calf and check for your size in size chart:

LADIES Calf circumference CEP size
  25-31 cm II
  32-38 cm III
  39-44 cm IV


MEN Calf circumference CEP size
  32-38 cm III
  39-44 cm IV
  45-50 cm V


Brand Cep
Colour Black, Blue, Gray
Year 2016
Size No
Quantity No

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CEP ski merino socks



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Now you can finally get Cep ski merino socks that don’t make you choose between sweating (because they are heat insulating) and freezing (because they are breathable). Your feet stay dry and your legs enjoy a pleasant climate. No matter what the weather conditions: -15 °C (5 °F) on the glacier or +5 °C (+40 °F) in the valley. This is made possible by the clever combination of merino wool and water-repellent synthetic fibers for perfect heat and moisture management. Add the protective padding and deliberately thinner compression knitting and you’ve got an innovative product that delivers superior comfort and impressive performance.
    • Black/azur
    • Black/gray
    • Black/lime
    • Black/pink
    • Ladies
    • Men
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