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Alpenheat Lithium Bootheater



By means of a push-button switch, one of the two permanent heat settings, as well as the boost can be selected. Boost gives intensive heat for 6 minutes and the automatically switches back to the previously selected heat level. Easy to read LEDs indicate the current heat level.
You can adjust to your size by cuting The heated insole with sissors.


1. Alpenheat Lithium Controller with Battery Pack AA NiMH:
- High performance Li-Ion battery packs 7.4V / 2 Ah / 14.8Wh
- Heat duration 12-24 hours
- 3 heat setting, boost level for intensive heat

2. Lithium Heating Element:
- Large size heating element for the entire front part of the foot

3.Alpenheat Lithium Recharger 100-240V 50/60Hz:
- Charging time approximately 5hrs

4. Universal mounting methods:
- Mounting Clip

Temperature and heating time:

Setting Average Temperature (°C) Average Temperature (°F) Heating time range
1 37 99 24hrs
2 45 113 12hrs
Boost 70 158 6min

The following temperature and heating time information represents approximate values because actual capacities obtained are influenced by the respective type and duration of the charging process as well as various tolerances of the batteries and microcontroller. The heating time information represents guide values and applies for an outside temperature of –18° C / 0° F.



Brand Alpenheat
Heated socks size No
Warm up pants size No
Quantity pair

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Alpenheat Lithium Bootheater



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The Alpenheat Lithium bootheater provides 3 positions of warming with anatomically shaped heating elements. The heated insole has very good isolating attributes as well as excellent damp absorbing characterics to create an optimal shoe climate. Compact re-chargeable battery pack with control electronics clips securely into mounting clip that can easily be attached to shoes, boots and belts.
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