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CEP compression Nighttech calf sleeves



CEP Compression Sleeves maximize muscle oxygenation and boost energy with CEP's unparalleled scientifically optimized ultimate compression technology for all-day benefits. You’ll run with less effort, increased speed, decreased recovery time, reduced fatigue and optimized performance.

 Quality Attributes

  • Safe in the dark – thanks to eye-catching, colored REFLECTOR DOTS.
  • Excellent calf stability.
  • Optimum recovery and performance thanks to targeted medi compression.
  • Perfect anatomical fit.
  • Highest quality materials and premium craftsmanship for extreme durability.
  • Microfiber technology for superior comfort.

Functional Attributes

  • Heat and moisture management thanks to hydrophilic design
  • Combine perfectly with CEP dynamic+ short socks
  • Antibacterial, odor-reducing properties

79 % polyamide, 21 % spandex

Made in Germany 

Sizing - To determine your size, measure the circumference of the fullest part of your calf.

LADIES Calf circumference CEP size
  25-31 cm II
  32-38 cm III
  39-44 cm IV


MEN Calf circumference CEP size
  32-38 cm III
  39-44 cm IV
  44-50 cm V


Brand Cep
Colour Blue, Green, Pink
Size No
Quantity No

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CEP compression Nighttech calf sleeves
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CEP compression Nighttech calf sleeves for safe running in the dark – thanks to eye-catching, colored REFLECTOR DOTS. Don’t let the dark stop you. It is extremely important for ambitious athletes to be able to continue their training in fall when the days get shorter and visibility is poor. This makes visibility a key feature in sportswear to increase safety during training activities. Highly reflective colored dots on the back of the calf sleeves ensure maximum visibility.
    • Black
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Pink
    • Ladies
    • Men
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