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Shred Amazify ski goggles, outlet



Contrast boosting lenses - Lens technology for light noise canceling and image contrast/definition enhancement. By working with a color spectrum selective light filter, we created lens that mimics the behavior of noise canceling headphones on a plane to eliminate color noise while riding. The CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS also boosts contrast, which enhances image definition to be able to see more details on the snow.

NODISTORTION™ Technology provides crystal clear vision at every altitude. It equalizes the pressure between the dual lens chamber and atmospheric pressure.It connects the inside of the dual lens with the outside through a semi-permeable channel providing crystal clear vision at every altitude while simultaneously keeping moisture out thanks  to our PORON filter. The inside and outside lenses are always perfectly parallel and your vision is crystal clear no matter the altitude.


  • Size: L (for helmets S/M-XL, head circ. 54-62)
  • Strap width: 40 mm
  • Frame width: 185 mm / height 100 mm
  • Weight: 150 g
  • LENS: high precision and impact protection Carved Cylindrical double lens
  • 100% UVA-UVB-UVC protection.
  • Wide lens
  • NoReflect
  • NO BS - easy lens replacement system
  • Tapered foam
  • Grip on straps
  • Universal helmet compatibility
  • Whipped cream multilayer face foam
  • Anti-fog
  • NoDistortion
  • No clog.

shred amazify sizes

NoReflect special texture on the inside of the goggle to minimize possible distracting glare and reflections of the frame.

Shred WIDE Technology allows for maximum field of view. Participating goggles in our line are designed to provide the maximum possible breadth of vision to give riders uninhibited view of the snow and their surroundings. Created by providing the largest angle from the center of the eye to the edge of the frame, we can back up our claims where competitors merely seek to give the impression of expanded vision.

NO BS™ - no gimmicks, no tricks, and no fake technology. Lens replacement system, crafted through an updated mix of polyurethane with reduced friction parameters and improved installation notch shape and positioning gives riders the easy option to change their lenses, without breaking the bank and without sacrificing performance and durability.

New Tapered Foam allows for extreme comfort and universal fitting. The Blue Whipped Cream Multilayer Face Foam provides extremely soft comfort, sweat management, and extended durability.

CARVED lenses are the result of a super-precise production process that crafts lenses with a tapered lateral thickness to adapt to the eye’s vision power. SHRED CARVED lenses are made without straining the polymers, which results in perfect clarity of vision. Available in SPH, with a double curvature and CYL, with single curvature of the lens. 

Grip-On straps provide the necessary grip so that goggles will not slip off your headwear.

Universal helmet compatibility - The shape of SHRED goggles allows for the best integration with any kind of helmet. 

Anti fog - The double lens technology used in most SHRED Optics goggles creates a thermal barrier that keeps the inner lens warm and dry. A special hydrophilic treatment on the inner lens allows the surface to absorb moisture before fog can form.

Shred NoClog - Hydrophobic treatment performed on vent foam that makes water drops slide away very easily in wet conditions. It prevents vent foam getting clogged and promotes an efficient hot and cold air exchange that minimize fogging.

VLT is the amount of light transmitted through a lens. VLT transmittance is then translated into a Lens Category Number. The higher the number the more visual light that is transmitted through the lens. The lower the CAT number the more visual light that is transmitted through the lens.Filter Category classified as: S0 Very light lens, S1 Light lens, S2 Medium lens, S3 Dark lens, S4 Very dark lens.




Brand Shred
Colour Black, Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Pink, White, Wood, Yellow
Goggles model Amazify
Goggles lens type Cilindrical
Goggles size Large
Goggles filter category S2 - medium lens
Goggles lens tech CBL Contrast boosting, Mirror, Regular
Goggles spare lens available Yes

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Shred Amazify ski goggles, outlet



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Shred Amazify goggles are available with different styles and lenses. Their cylindrical style design allows for unmatched 360 degree peripheral vision. The CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS™ and NODISTORTION® technologies ensure astonishing vision. SHREDWIDE™ technology provides the largest possible field of view. Size and fit that are optimized in the S/M to XL helmet size range. The three-layers fleece provide an unmatched level of comfort.
    • Antti
    • Blackout Stealth
      Blackout Stealth
    • Brushed Royal
      Brushed Royal
    • Brushed Royal Stealth
      Brushed Royal Stealth
    • Jerry CBL
      Jerry CBL
    • Jerry Stealth
      Jerry Stealth
    • Moonscape
    • Shnerdwood
    • Shnerdwood CBL
      Shnerdwood CBL
    • Shnerdwood stealth
      Shnerdwood stealth
    • Shrasta
    • Tritris CBL
      Tritris CBL
    • Trooper
    • Walnuts CBL
      Walnuts CBL
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