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Lotus-Hybrid-Matrix – a perfect copy of nature

In addition to nanotechnology, HOLMENKOL also uses a highly effective specialised process to optimally mix high-tech raw materials with appropriate additives or other effective substances and/or enrich them in a matrix with physical effects.

The lotus plant is a symbol of purity in Asia. Water, even sticky substances like honey, just roll off its leaves. Dirt can be removed by rinsing with a little water. The biological meaning of this effect for the plant is protection from inhabitation by microorganisms, pathogens or germs.

The surface structure of the leaf consists of many tiny “hills”, so water hardly has any contact points with the leaf. If you pour water onto this structure, the water absorbs the dirt particles and fl ows off cleanly.
Due to HYBRID and nanotechonology, HOLMENKOL products with the Lotus- Hybrid-Matrix seal can simulate this principle and offer a perfect direct repellent effect with the lotus structure on a wide number of substrates.

Potential in safety

Nanotechnology has not only brought about extensive fi nancial and societal opportunities. It can also pose risks. The study of any risks occurs on the national and international level – numerous companies are investing millions of euros in this research in addition to the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.
Leading German nanotechnology companies, which have joined together in forumnano, are committed to the development and introduction of a seal of approval to improve consumer protection.

HOLMENKOL AG is a member of forumnano and also participates in public studies on the risk analysis of nano particles through its research partners (e.g. Nanosafe).
HOLMENKOL products have already been subjected to numerous tests before their market launch, both internally as well as by external test institutes. The nano components used by HOLMENKOL are not used in pure form: they are securely integrated into a matrix. In addition, the drop size of the spray products is set so
that the sprayed components have been proven not to be inhalable into the lungs:

When the solvent absorbs, the components are permanently cemented to the substrate. This means the release of individual nano particles is precluded. All of the nano components were and are subjected to toxicological tests.

In summary, HOLMENKOL products are protected in four ways:
1. The original components have been proven to be non-toxic.
2. Only integrated components or nano layers are used.
3. The spray droplets have been proven not to be inhalable into the lungs.
4. The nano components have been permanently cemented to the substrate.

HOLMENKOL nano products have been on the market for many years – without complaints.