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High-tech cleaner and degreaser for metallic components

  • Developed for oily and greasy items such as chains, sprockets and derailers
  • Cleans reliably without leaving residues
  • Optimum preparation for further treatment with lubricants (LubeExtreme)
  • Removes even stubborn dirt (e.g. oil, grease and tar) from cavities
  • Drips less than conventional chain cleaners, ensuring more effective handling

Spray SportClean onto metallic components (e.g. the chain). Allow a short period of time for the product to take effect. Remove using a cloth.



When you use oily lubricants, dirt sticks to the bike chain, acting like abrasive paper and accelerating the wear and tear of sprockets and chain links. LubeExtreme is highly dirt-repellent and offers sustainable chain  protection along with a long-term lubricating effect.

Nano lubricant with extreme dirt repellence

  • Minimises dirt sticking to the chain, even under extremely muddy  conditions
  • Outstanding creep behaviour and excellent lubrication effect
  • Contains an extremely powerful corrosion protection agent
  • Clear reduction of corrosion, abrasion and wear
  • Thanks to reduced soiling, it is easier to clean chains, sprockets, derailers, brake and gear cables, blocks, etc.
  • Also available in the tried and tested 250 ml aerosol version

First clean with SportClean. Then evenly apply LubeExtreme. NOTE: Do not spray LubeExtreme onto the brakes. After application, shift all gears to ensure that the lubricant is evenly distributed across chain links and pinions. Give the product a short time to take effect.

Natural Bike Lube

Biodegradable lubricant with optimum sliding properties and very good adhesion to the chain.

Reliable protection against wear and corrosion for

  • bike chains
  • sprockets
  • derailers
  • hubs etc.

First clean with SportClean. Then drip on Natural Bike Lube and distribute.
NOTE: Do not apply Natural Bike Lube to brakes. Immediately ready for use.proti obrabi in rjavenju.


Bike Wash

Cleaning with water often results in stains or surface rust. Special cleaning ingredients facilitate cleaning difficult to reach areas and reduce the adhesion of dirt particles.

Special cleaner for painted, metallic and carbon surfaces

  • Allows easy & convenient cleaning of the bike
  • Reduces the accumulation of new dirt
  • Prevents water or lime stains on the bike frame
  • Can be rinsed off without leaving a residue and gives shine (rinse-off and shine effect)
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Tensides are biodegradable
  • Suitable for carbon frames

Remove loose dirt using a sponge, cloth or brush. Spray BikeWash onto the bike and leave
until the dirt starts to come away. Rinse off with clean water.


Dirt-repellent, high-tech, non-stick coating for bike frames

  • Extremely dirt, water and dust-repellent
  • Water and oil roll off the surface
  • Replicates the surface structure of the self-cleaning lotus leaf, reducing dirt accumulation by up to 80%
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Suitable for carbon surfaces


Clean the bike frame using BikeWash and allow to dry. Spray on a thin layer of DirtProtector.
Do not spray onto brakes and rims! Allow to dry. Do not touch while drying.