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Shred STOMP ShrastaWood polarized sunglasses



Lenses: smoke polar + hydrophobic, S3

SHRED POLARIZED lenses reduce glare by blocking out all angles of scattered and reflected light from surfaces such as snow and water. The polarization process eliminates light that distorts color and enhances depth perception and vision. The result is a clean lens that delivers proper clarity and contrast and achieves the optical perception Shred was after.

SHRED HYDROPHOBIC lenses are treated with a permanent special protective coating that makes the surface extremely water repellent, preserving the best vision even when the weather gets nasty.

All SHRED sunglasses are made with premium quality nodistortion lenses. All this means that when you purchase a pair of SHRED sunglasses you are guaranteed superior performance optics for the best optical precision and eye protection.

Size in mm:



Brand Shred
Colour Black, Brown, Wood
Sunglasses filter category S3 - dark
Sunglasses polarized Yes

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Shred STOMP ShrastaWood polarized sunglasses
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Walk off the hill, out of the ocean, off the bike, or into the skatepark and carry your own style with the STOMP. A base six curve, polarized NoDistortion lenses - S3, multi layer acetates, and available wooden temples all work together to give you the utmost in vision clarity while the eyes of all wonder what it would be like to peer behind your gaze.