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Liski slalom flex pole - TOP 27 (27mm)



LISKI introduced in this season a series of new reinforced polycarbonate shafts, with the aim to further improve the performance of its slalom poles. The shafts were very appreciated by skiers declaring that both impact and return of slalom poles appear to be much better!

Please read instructions how to keep and maintain polycarbonate poles and warranty for C6 and TOP27 slalom poles.

LISKI Poles are "F.I.S." HOMOLOGATED. In this way organizing committees and trainers have the guarantee of a perfect execution of races/training and athletes have therefore way to express their best abilities.

Upright shaft in polycarbonat: fi = 27 mm, h = 180 cm outside snow.
Patented mechanical flex zone. 




Brand Liski
Poles ferrule type No
Poles material No
Poles hinge No
Fluo size No
Poles tube Top 27 (fi27mm)
Slopes pole material Policarbonate
Inline poles part No
Nets ferrule type No
Net poles height No
Net poles Fi No
Liski slalom flex pole - TOP 27 (27mm)



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LISKI slalom poles grant the maximum efficiency in all weather conditions and temperatures, maintaining own technical-mechanics features. POLES TOP27 are for children from 12 to 14 years approx. (but in INDOOR-SKIDOME it is advisable to use pole C6). Shafts have guaranteed warranty for 6 months while mechanical hinges for 1 year from purchase date.
    • Rapid base 27 cm
      Rapid base 27 cm
    • Basic 34cm
      Basic 34cm
    • Rapid base 34 cm
      Rapid base 34 cm
    • Big 24cm
      Big 24cm
    • Big 34cm
      Big 34cm
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