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Liski digital danger panels, 75×75cm



The signals on the ski slopes, as in the streets, are an indication of what we'll meet, but also a very important safety element to prevent and avoid what it'll happen, doing what the signal indicate.

The most interesting feature of these signals is the possibility to can place them everywhere, just because MOVABLE. In fact the ski slope is in continuously changing, snowfall - ice - cross - provisory arrival zone - dangers of several types - deviation for competitions, and other reasons.

The use of these panels anti wind, allows to program and distribute the people on the ski slope as the organizers prefer. Completing the great handiness of these panels, is the use of FIBERGLASS poles that permit to move the signals from a place to another without make hole with drill machine. The movable signals panels, buttonholed and complete with rubber bands to hook the panel at the poles, are in PVC net anti wind yellow and orange fluo, with very good visibility also with foggy weather.



Brand Liski
Danger signes type No
Info signes type No
Slopes pole material N/A
Mattress colour N/A
Flat mattress size 150×100cm
Mattress thickness N/A
Mattress hole size N/A
Mattress height N/A
Classification signes type No
Prohibition signes type 14111/1
Mandatory signes type No
Danger panels 200 type No
Frame size No

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Liski digital danger panels, 75×75cm



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Signal panels in PVC net anti-wind size 75x75 cm. Colour yellow fluo with orange fluo hemming, buttonholed, with rubber bands.
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