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Leki worldcup racing GS ski poles



Tube: Ø16mm ALU - TBS or Ø18mm ALU - HTS 6.5
Length: 120 to 140 cm
Weight (120cm): 256g - 18mm, 269g - TBS
Strap size: M-XL 

TBS - 16 mm Air Foil 6.5 HTS Aluminum Titanium Balance System Shaft


  • Race series
  • GS Grip
  • Trigger S strap
  • Ultra sonic finish
  • Carbide tip/aerodynamic cone basket
  • The first safety binding in a ski pole
  • Absolute reliable strap release function
  • Racing grip in perfect design for speed disciplines - ergonomically shaped with 4 finger notches
  • Integrated positive angle for perfect swing action
  • GS Grip - perfect handling, a maximum in control due to the integrated grip lines

Leki is the world’s leading manufacturer of skiing, trekking and nordic walking poles. They focus there extensive European research and independent testing on one thing: making the best poles for each person out there.

Suggested length:

Pole length Body height
110cm 155-160cm
115cm 165cm
120cm 170-175cm
125cm 180cm
130cm 185cm
135cm 190cm


Brand Leki
Quantity pair
Poles type Speed racing
Poles material Aluminium
Poles trigger S Yes

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Leki worldcup racing GS ski poles



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Leki worldcup racing GS is a top-class giant slalom pole with amazing features and a lively design. The airfoil aluminum pole is high-strength, curved and extremely robust; even the fixtures are worth looking at. A perfect pole, not only due to the components tried and tested in races, but also thanks to the Trigger S grip and the matching Trigger S Vario strap. The Worldcup Racing GS makes optimal comfort possible for the enthusiastic skier.
    • 140 cm
      140 cm
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