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Holmenkol Syntec Speed Stick



  • Quantity: 25g
  • Application: Fast, simple und uncomplicated application directly prior to start.


Year No
Brand Holmenkol
Colour No
Wax weight 60 ml
Wax type Flour wax, Racing finish
Snow temperature No
Air temperature No
Snow type New, Wet
Humidity No
Conditions No

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Holmenkol Syntec Speed Stick
SKU: 24380
Stock: In stock
Holmenkol Syntec Speed Stick is Highly fluorinated carbon wax stick in a handy pocket size. Fast, simple und uncomplicated application directly prior to start. For damp to wet climate. Specifically for fresh wet snow. For snow temperatures from 0 ° to -6 °C. High abrasion resistance, broad range of applications. Optimally adjusted to suit race waxes. Good value for money.

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