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DOUBLE spare lenses for Shred Nastify and Soaza ski goggles



  • VLT is the amount of light transmitted through a lens. VLT transmittance is then translated into a Lens Category Number. The higher the number the more visual light that is transmitted through the lens. The lower the CAT number the more visual light that is transmitted through the lens.Filter Category classified as: S0 Very light lens, S1 Light lens, S2 Medium lens, S3 Dark lens, S4 Very dark lens.
Name Lens Code VLT  CAT number  Weather conditions
BURN REFLECT - caramel Caramel/red  multilayer DLESOAED12 VLT 48% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
BURN REFLECT - smoke Smoke/red multilayer DLESOAFD31 VLT 34% S2 Sunny/partly cloudy
QUARTZ REFLECT - caramel Caramel/pink multilayer DLESOAFD32 VLT 48% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
LUNAR REFLECT - caramel Caramel/purple multilayer DLESOAED14 VLT 51% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
FROZEN REFLECT - caramel Caramel/blue multilayer DLESOADD11 VLT 43% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
PLATINUM REFLECT - caramel Caramel/silver mirror DLESOAED13 VLT 16% S3 Sunny
PLATINUM REFLECT - bronze Bronze/silver mirror DLESOAED11 VLT 12% S3 Sunny
FUME POLARIZED Smoke/polarized DLESOADD13 VLT 22% S2 Sunny/partly cloudy
BLUE Ligh Blue DLESOAED18 VLT 56% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
BROWN Brown DLESOAED17 VLT 24% S2 Sunny/partly cloudy
CARAMEL Caramel DLESOAED19 VLT 53% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
YELLOW Yellow DLESOAED20 VLT 73% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
CLEAR Clear DLESOAED16 VLT 81% S0 Night skiing
FUME Smoke DLESOAED21 VLT 15% S3 Sunny


vlt shred lenses




Brand Shred
Year 2018
Spare lenses type Cilindrical, Double
Goggles model Soaza

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DOUBLE spare lenses for Shred Nastify and Soaza ski goggles
Stock: In stock
Shred Nastify and Soaza double lenses for different light conditions with 100%UVA/UVB/UVC radion protection. VENT have ventilation system, ND are with NoDistortion technology. Lenses are not full mirror.
    • Fume
    • Fume polarized
      Fume polarized
    • Light blue
      Light blue
    • Lunar reflect (caramel)
      Lunar reflect (caramel)
    • Platinum reflect (caramel)
      Platinum reflect (caramel)
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