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Base wax Nanowax




-Amount: 50 ml
-universal base wax




Year N/A
Brand N/A
Colour N/A
Wax weight N/A
Wax type Allround, Nanowax
Snow temperature For all temperatures
Air temperature For all temperatures
Snow type All Types
Humidity No
Conditions N/A

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Base wax Nanowax
SKU: 2100
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Cerax Nanowax is one of the world's first products made using nanotechnology, which creates "intelligent" surface coatings with multifunctional properties. Nanowax produces a hard, fast-gliding surface. Coating lasts much longer than conventional waxing systems, while leaving the base free of buildup. Cerax Nanowax hardens as temperatures drop, adapting to the ski bases and snow crystals, so you can reach top speed from the first few feet on. The result? Unique glide properties and unprecedented performance on turns.
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