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Watch Ski Tuning & Waxing video, made with affordable tools for an intermediate skier on Elan Amphibio skis.
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1. Check for flatness - 0:18
2. Ski base edge tuning - 0:39
3. Sidewall cutting - 1:33
4. Side edge tuning - 2:33
5. Ski base cleaning - 4:00
6. Ski wax application - 5:00
7. Scraping and brushing after wax - 6:38
8. Bindings adjustments - 7:42

Ski Tuning & Waxing manual - helpful tips & tricks how to make your own ski service

You will get your answers to:

What is the best ski race preparation?
What types of snow and waxes are there?
What are the basic tools and waxes I need?
What is basic preparation for new skis?
How to repair ski edge and ski base?

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