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Instructions for the application temperature are given on the packaging of all HOLMENKOL waxes. Nevertheless, certain precautions have to be made and certain rules observed during the work in any workshop when preparing ski or boards:
• Ensure good ventilation of the working area at all times!
• Do not expose waxes to naked flames!
• Do not smoke during the application!
• Use special wax irons only!
• The specific wax temperatures should not be exceeded! (Avoid causing smoke!)
• Race waxes should be ironed in at 115°C to max. 140°C and Speed products at 150°C to 160°C. Higher temperatures are not necessary.

HOLMENKOL® waxes are NOT toxic and have NO adverse environmental effects. However when using at temperatures above 165 °C (330 °F) toxic compounds may be produced. Do not use near an open fire, a glowing fire or equipment with exposed heating elements. When working in and brushing off, significant amounts of particulate matter may be produced.
Ensure good ventilation during work and use breathing protection if possible, particularly during brushing.

• If sprays are used, ensure a good ventilation and do not breath in the fumes.
• Ensure good ventilation using base cleaners. Do not breath in vapour directly.
• Use of gloves during edge preparation is recommended.