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New skis and new grinded skis have to be basically prepared before the first use. The first preparation is important for a deep saturation of the ski base with skiwax. By the manufacturing process and the mechanical grinding small hairs accrue, which have to be removed by this base preparation. It is also a base protection for edge preparation.

Fix the ski always in a special ski vice..
If the ski has been freshly grinded, remove the fine base hairs with a
sharp scraper (plastic or steel).
Grind the ski/board flat from front to rear with the RacingFile. In the front and rear section, grind the edge with the BaseEdge FileGuide with an overhang of 1° to 1,5° (accordingly to use and skiing skills).
Clean the ski base with Cleaner or WaxAb and Fleece.
Roughen the ski base lightly with the green SkiPad to improve the wax
Wax with base wax (AlphaMix Yellow or BetaMix Red).

Allow to cool down and scrap off again. Thus the treat is now protected against soiling during the further preparation of the side edge.






TIP: In order to avoid burning the ski base, skiwax can also be applied by using the HOLMENKOL WaxFleece.

In order to be able to grind a precise edge, the excess material has to be removed from the side wall with the SideWall Planer.
Insert the CrossFile Mini into the edge tool (SteelEdge WorldCup and rough grind the desired angle. This step can be relieved with by the CarveEdge with SegmentFile HardMetal. Further treat the prepared edge using a clamped or: RacingFile (Maxi or Mini).
Finish with Diamond File.
Ease the extreme sharp edge in the front and the rear section with the
Scrape off the slightly soiled base surface with a sharp plastic scraper.
Brush old wax out with the OvalBrush Bronze or SpeedBrush fibre/bronze.

Iron base wax once again into the ski base.



This process waxing, scrapping off, brushing out can be repeated
several times to saturate the ski base sufficiently.