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Shred Optics & Slytech Protection at ISPO 2015

Great showcase again from Anomaly Action Sports with Shred Optics and Slytech products for 2015/2016.
Introducing new Amazify ski goggles with SHRED NOCLOG (with Hydrorepellency Treatment) and Shred WIDE™ Technology which allows for maximum field of view.

New helmets SHRED NOSEASON Slam- Cap with Slytech NOSHOCK™ (Multidirectional distribution of impact energy).

Provocator NOWEIGHT sunglasses are crafted and tested under the most extreme conditions, NXT™ lenses are tested under the harshest of conditions with the US Air Force. Designed to provide unparalleled vision quality and durability, liquid cast NXT™ lenses result in crystal clear vision.

Ski gloves Slytech FORTRESS PWD - 3 in 1 were born directly from the needs and brains of our riders.

Slytech BACKPRO NOSHOCK is backprotector with honeycomb cone shaped SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ XT foam which allows for multidirectional distribution of impact energy.

Pictures by WhiteLines, check out their intruduction video.




Published: 2/18/2015 7:38 PM
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