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Shred Monocle - RDM Signature



Lens: DL (double) Black Limo (DLEMONDD15) - Nodistortion
inner clear /outer dark smoke, with black mirror
Category: S4
Visible Light Transmitted (VLT): 6%
Best use: in sunny weather

With the new patented NODISTORTION innovation by SHRED Optics, the thermal double lens is allowed to adjust to varying altitudes without distortion. Air molecules may in fact pass through the micro-porous red PORON(TM) filter, maintaining the surfaces of the inner and outer lens parallel at any time, while water and moisture are stopped from entering the space between the lenses.



Brand N/A
Year N/A
Colour N/A
Goggles model Monocle
Goggles lens type Cilindrical
Goggles size XLarge
Goggles filter category N/A
Goggles lens tech N/A
Goggles spare lens available Yes
Goggles colour N/A
Shred Monocle - RDM Signature
This is Romain De Marchi signature official model. You can use this ski goggles on highest mountains and in sunny weather conditions. Super edgy, retro styling elements from one of our older models are now at the core of the Monocle, a very modern and truly oversized goggle with an extra wide field of view, cylindrical lens, and our superior NODISTORTION™ lens technology. Oversize fit.
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