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Zandona SL and GS jacket Pro for KIDs



Color: black/red 
Sizes: S, M, L

Size Height Chest Shoulder->waist Waist
JS 129cm 69cm 40cm 60cm
JM 135cm 71cm 42cm 62cm
JL 141cm 73cm 44cm 64cm




Brand Zandona
Year 2015

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Zandona SL and GS jacket Pro for KIDs



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SKU: 5010/K-C
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Zandona Slalom Jacket Pro for kids is a light jacket with frontal zip closing, provided of particular paddings (removable by rear pockets with mini-zip) to defend from collisions and bruises the arms on slalom sports, composed by plastics and special shock-absorber rubber (“E.V.C.” = Evoluted Viscoelastic Cells). The jacket is realized with a precious transpiring honeycomb-net tissue, extremely elastic for a perfect adhesion to the body shape.
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