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Thanks to its small size and anatomic shape, this instrument is easy and practical to use.
The function keys and the guide messages on the alphanumeric display provide a simple user-instrument interface so learning to use it takes only a short time.

As well as allowing professional timing of all sports competitions, thorough testing in the field has shown Racetime2 to be the ideal instrument to fully satisfy needs in preparing for competitive sport (training, materials testing, etc.).

Racetime2 SF Kit

Adopted by the best ski teams in the world, the Racetime2 SF Kit is even more reliable and easier to use thanks to the innovative Polifemo radio photocell with embedded transmitter.


The possibility of:

  • receiving times via radio, moving freely along the course and of taking up to 6 intermediate times, all individually identified
  • transmitting via radio not only the event taken but also the bib number to assign it to
  • extremely simple and automatic management of timing, thanks to the Training Light program installed in the stopwatch
  • having as many as 3 athletes on the slope at the same time, allowing them to keep the same start number and to perform up to a maximum 250 runs (manches), which will be automatically numbered by the stopwatch
  • extracting rankings based on the performances of the athletes obtained over the whole timing session, in a specific run or for a single athlete.

Makes Racetime2 the ideal instrument for training sessions or races.

The simplicity and speed with which it can be set up make it possible to transform any slope into a race or training course.

The Kit includes:

  • 1 Racetime2 stopwatch with printer
  • 1 start gate
  • 1 Polifemo radio photocell
  • 1 reflector
  • 2 supports
  • 1 LinkGate EncRadio SF* transmitter
  • 1 LinkGate Decradio SF receiver
  • 1 adaptor
  • 1 backpack with protective padding.

* The radio transmitter is available in the 10mW and 500mW versions.