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TermoSki - nordik



The heating element is made up by two surfaces, on both sides. In contact with the sole of the ski, in aluminium - insulating and thermo conductiv materials, on which is inserted a carbon fiber resistance and inside a variable padding depending on the use (alpine or x country). This technique allows to have a perfect postion of the heater to the sole and ski gets heated equally. The velcro paddings ; allows the use of more ski sizes with the same heater. The temperature is regulated from an inner thermo-switch that maintains a constant temperature around 60-65°C, a red led light indicates when the sole has caught up the temperature.

Size: 190cm x 5cm

Temperature: 60-65°C



Year 2014
Brand Termoski
Irons type Manual

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TermoSki - nordik



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Termoski nordic, bag for nordic Skis warming. Thermal Technology after having carried the own licences in F1 and Moto GP enters in the world of the alpine and nordic ski. This system allows to easy heatthe skis near departure area, also with extreme external temperatures, makingthe soles of the skis immediately faster.
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