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SSE Ski Sharp Edge (electric)



Using ski edge sharpener you can give more durability to your ski edges than using a traditional file, without any loose about speed and handling, that means more safety and enjoyment in recreational skiing and best results in competitions.

Set includes:

  • ski edges sharp,
  • small power supply,
  • world cup grinding stone 180,
  • bag.

Spare grinding stones available to buy:

  • Standard (100)
  • World Cup for SL, GS (180)
  • Fine for SG, DH (800)
  • Ebauche  -super fine for SG, DH (1000)

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Brand SSE Equipement
Year 2017

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SSE Ski Sharp Edge (electric)
SKU: 10101SSEB
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SSE Ski Sharp Edge is one of the best electric tools for side edge sharpening on the market. It is real easy to operate, because ceramic stone is placed on the side and the technology is designed to maintain the same pressure on the edge all the time. Turn it on and just place machine on ski. With just little effort you can make your skis sharp again. It has Voltage from 115V to 220V so it can be used everywhere, also in Europe or North America. Set includes World Cup ceramic grinding stone granulation of 180 + small power supply. Side edge can be adjusted on the intervals of 0.5° from 86° to 90°. Made in Canada.
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