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Sport clear screen



- at a high speed a windshield wiper is unnece ssary
-  the water droplets simply roll off the screen surface and are blown away by the air stream
(the so-called lotus effect)
-  windshields stay clean longer, easier clening
-  removing ice from the windscreen has never been as easy
-  keeps for up  approx. 15,000 km

1. Pre clean with the cleaning cloth
2. Rinse with clean water
3. Rub the surface dry
4. Do not touch the coated surface any more
5. Polsh up with the coating cloth until no more smears form
6. Allow to dry at least 30 minutes.



Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Impregnation
Textile care quantity No

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Sport clear screen



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Coating for all glass and ceramic surfaces, extremely water-repellant (hydrophobic properties). Lime and dirt deposits on tiles and shower walls are reduced and it thereby ensures easier cleaning.