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Slytech Shield Carbon Shin guards



Length: 38 cm, 42 cm, 43 cm


  • New anatomical shape,
  • carbon fiber technology,
  • high-density slygrip foam padding
  • optimal comfort and grip
  • perfect fit to the athlete’s leg
  • multi - DN 
  • ariaprene for pure performance 

slytech shield carbon

SLYTECH SHIELD CARBON adds aerospace technology to the high performance of the SLYTECH SHIELD material. Carbon fiber technology, combined with our years of technical experience, has allowed us to create a high performance product that offers considerable racing advantages whereby impact with gates does not result in energy transfer to the athlete. The new production process ensures much greater durability than competitors’ traditional prepreg laminate products making it possible to obtain an extraordinarily durable yet lightweight shell.

By increasing the stiffness of the shell, the use of the MULTIDN IMPACT TECHNOLOGY with 3 or 4 deviators, maximizes the speed of passage over the pole drastically reducing the friction generated during impact between the athlete and pole and the subsequent slide.

SLYGRIP FOAM, is made with ARIAPRENE™ and offers optimal comfort and superior grip even at extremely low temperatures.

Anatomical shape - The shell’s anatomic shape allows for a perfect and comfortable fit of the shinguard and forearmguard to the athlete’s leg and arm.



Brand Slytech
Year 2016
Legs and arms protectors type Legs
Quantity pair

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Slytech Shield Carbon Shin guards



Stock: In stock
    • 38 cm
      38 cm
    • 42 cm
      42 cm
    • 43 cm
      43 cm
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