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Slytech Backpro NOSHOCK XT LITE, 2018



Sizes: S, M, L, XL 

  Back protector measurements    
Size Length Width shoulders Width waist
S 48cm 27cm 21cm
M 54.5cm 29cm 22.5cm
L 60cm 29.5cm 23cm
XL 67cm 30cm 24cm


  • Slytech noshock™ technology for the ultimate performance.
  • 3 points belt for maximum back support and size adjustment.
  • Belt connectors for perfect placement.
  • Essential design for a minimalist perfection and super low profile.

  • Tested at -20°C.
  • Grip on straps.
  • Flowmesh material with Zip out.
  • NoSeason and Modular protection concept.
  • Hardware free.
  • Multi-Impact.
  • Progressive impact intelligence.
  • Toxic Free.

Our proprietary SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ XT foam proved to be the most effective shock absorber available in body protection thanks to its special microstructure in lab tests compared with competitors. When worn and warmed by your body heat it becomes soft and flexible providing unparalleled comfort. it means safety and comfort without compromises.

With Slytech 2n skin XT foam material molded with our SLYTECH NOSHOCK™ proprietary honeycomb cone design, that encourages a multi-directional distribution of impact energy, we have been able to improve safety and comfort even further with up to 20% increase in linear acceleration absorption, 20% in weight reduction and 30% improvement in flexibility. The structure itself also optimizes airflow ventilation.

Back protector Size chart
  20kg 30kg 40kg 50kg 60kg 70kg 80kg 90kg 100kg 110kg
110cm XXS XXS XS              
120cm XXS XS XS XS            
130cm   XS XS  S S          
140cm     S S S          
150cm     S S S  S        
160cm     S S M M M      
170cm       M M M M L L  
180cm           L L L L XL
190cm             XL XL XL XL
200cm             XL XL XL XL

Flowmesh - this extremely thick and flexible air mesh provides unrivaled ventilation and comfort.

Tested at -20°C - our protectors meet and exceed the EN-1621-2 Standards also when tested at -20°C (-4°F) to simulate conditions typical to winter sports and other application at very low temperatures.

Grip-On straps provide the necessary grip on shoulder straps so that they will not slip off your shoulders

Belt connector - keep everything in place with durable velcro to be positive all your protection stays where it should.

3 points belt - A premium belt design with multiple options for regulating the tension for maximum back support and size adjustment. Connects perfectly with GRIP-ON shoulder straps for a seamless functionality of the protector system. 

Upon impact, the polygonal-cell-foam compound performs as a progressive shock absorber that intelligently adapts to the different forces, impacts, and speeds of a crash. The shock absorption increases proportionally to the strength of the impact, so your body is protected completely at any impact level. When the pressure is slowly applied, the membranes walls of the polygonal cells slide against each other through their contact planes and allow the cells to deform malleably. In contrast, when quick sharp pressure is applied, the force of the contact makes the membranes of the microstructure form a progressively stiffening and vibrating grid and the protector becomes rigid and deflects the blow. Different intelligent reactions by our SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ XT apply just the right protection for every circumstance all the while keeping you warm, comfortable, and confident in your decent of the most intimidating mountain.

We have carefully engineered all of our SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ protectors to work with one another as part of our Modular Protection Concept. You can buy and use each piece individually or combine protectors to create a full body system that protects you from head to toe without sacrificing comfort, flexibility, and most importantly protection.

Hardware free - to keep our protective products completely flexible and comfortable, we avoid hard plastic components.

Toxic Free - our SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ XT foam compound is completely free from Formamide, a toxic chemical usually found in similar compounds, non-allergenic and it does not contain harmful substances.

MultiImpact - The shock absorbing element is designed to withstand multiple impacts, whether they are in quick succession on a slam or over the lifetime of the product. By returning to its original shape after impact, the protector is able to once again effectively able to absorb new shocks.

NoSeason - providing year-round comfort and multisport ultimate protection.



Brand Slytech
Backprotectors type With belt, With straps
Backprotectors length No
Back protectors body height No
Back protectors waist size No

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Slytech Backpro NOSHOCK XT LITE, 2018



- 30%
Stock: In stock
Slytech Backpro Noshock Lite is the lightest and simplest back protector in the line and retains the highest levels of protection and comfort. It has 3 point belt, with connectors and can be used with or without straps. Slytech NOSHOCK™ technology design means that our gear is not only a 20% safer when compared to a plain design, but it is also way more comfortable, it has a lower specific weight and promotes better ventilation as a direct result of the honeycomb cone hollow structure.
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