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Base structures with TriMaxx Alpine


The HOLMENKOL “TriMaxx Alpine” provides a possibility to improve the gliding performance of mechanical grinded and unstructured skis.

Three different intermittant structures are possible:

  • 0,8 mm for fine, dry snow
  • 1,2 mm for old or moist new snow
  • 1,6 mm for coarse, wet to very wet snow

1. Fix ski in the Super ProPlus.
2. Roughen the base surface with the green SkiPad or sandpaper to improve the wax
3. Wax as usual, scrape off and brush out well.
4. Take the structure tool in both hands. Adjust it to the ski breadth and place it on
the ski base, so that a structure roll and a roll guide are set on the ski.
5. Apply pressure on the tool and move it along the ski, from the tip to the end.
6. As the TriMaxx Alpine does not structure the complete ski base at once, it has to
be turned by 180° and afterwards the procedure has to be repeated.
7. Avoid going back and forth with the structure tool as this ruins the structure more
than it helps.
8. Finally, brush out with a fine brush, e.g. HOLMENKOL BaseBrush horsehair.

- Structure for optimal water drain.
- Three structures at one tool (no work to change rolls).
- Ergonomic roll guides for precise structures.
- Flexible roll guides allow structures on any kind of ski.

After the use of the ski/board (race/training) brush the ski base out and apply base wax (do notscrape off).