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Shred Stomp Noweight Crystal Sunglasses



Lenses: flare reflect, S3

Shred NOWEIGHT technology

The majority of the sunglasses in the market are heavy and can slide easily off the face because of their weight and poor fit, which make them unstable to wear while doing something active. SHRED NOWEIGHT is the result of exhaustive structural design research and material optimization efficiencies, which allows for extraordinary weight reductions that don't compromise style. Frame and temple arms have a minimalist design with differential thickness and reinforcements in all of the critical areas for a lightweight and durable design. The High Crystalline Polyamide material gives SHRED NOWEIGHT sunglasses outstanding flexibility and an incredibly secure fit on all size and shape faces.

MAIN ADVANTAGES of NoDistortion lenses:

  • Stunning crystal clear vision.
  • Superior durability and scratch resistance.
  • Incredibly high impact resistance tested on windshields of jet fighters and helicopters. 

Size in mm:


Handmade - For the perfect finish on these sunglasses we handmade each pair and used the finest materials to create items with a level of quality and style that cannot be replicated.

Base 6 curve lenses - The base determines the form of a lens and measures the surface curve. A base 6 curve lenses means the sunglasses will provide a flatter look to the frame.

Made in Italy - These premium sunglasses are stamped in their entirety with the superior quality only associated with Italian shades craftmanship.

NoDistortion with NXT - As a result of our constant and relentless innovation, we sought to improve upon an already stellar offering of sunglasses by bringing our NODISTORTION™ technology from goggles to shades. Crafted and tested under the most extreme conditions, NXT™ lenses are tested under the harshest of conditions with the US Air Force. Designed to provide unparalleled vision quality and durability, liquid cast NXT™ lenses result in crystal clear vision.

Grip on components on nose and temple arms provide the necessary grip so that your sunglasses will not slip off your face.

Visible Light Transmitted and sunglasses lenses category:




Brand Shred
Colour Gray, Purple
Sunglasses filter category S3 - dark
Sunglasses polarized No

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Shred Stomp Noweight Crystal Sunglasses



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Shred Stomp Noweight Crystal are Sunglasses with frame and temple arms that have a minimalist design with differential thickness and reinforcements in all of the critical areas for a lightweight and durable design. The combination of materials optimization and structural design gives noweight sunglasses outstanding flexibility and an incredibly secure fit on all size and shape faces with Grip-on inserts on nose and temple arms.