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Shred Soaza goggles : Barcode Black



Colour: back/yellow
Lens: DL(double) photochromic Yellow / rose POLAR multi gold mirror vent (SOADL023ND).
Category: S3
Visible Light Transmitted: 11/17%

SHRED POLARIZED lenses reduce glare by blocking out all angles of scatterd and
reflected light off of surfaces such as snow and water. The polarization process eliminates
light that distorts color , buth guarantees a depth perception and improves vision. The
result is clean lenses that deliver proper clarity and contrast and achieve optical perception

The PHOTOCHROMIC technology is sensitive to light and adapts intelligently and automatically to sunlight intensity. PHOTOCHROMIC reacts to light changes and within seconds the lens turns darker if the sunlight gets stronger or gets lighter if the sunlight gets weaker.

With the new patented NODISTORTION innovation by SHRED Optics, the thermal double lens is allowed to adjust to varying altitudes without distortion. Air molecules may in fact pass through the micro-porous red PORON(TM) filter, maintaining the surfaces of the inner and outer lens parallel at any time, while water and moisture are stopped from entering the space between the lenses. The utmost optical precision.


  • 100% athlete & rider driven
  • uninhibited field of view
  • proggressive edgy style
  • universal helmet compatibility
  • silicone lined strap grips to headwear
  • produced of highest quality
  • tough, flexible thermoplastic frame
  • hypoallergenic ultra soft foam
  • antifog treated, scratch resistand lenses
  • 100% UVA/UVB/UVC radiation protection
  • SHRED gray goggle bag, REUSE ME package tube and SHRED sticker




Brand N/A
Year N/A
Colour N/A
Goggles model Soaza
Goggles lens type Cilindrical
Goggles size Large
Goggles filter category N/A
Goggles lens tech N/A
Goggles spare lens available Yes
Goggles colour N/A

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Shred Soaza goggles : Barcode Black
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New Shred goggles 2011/2012 with edgiest frame, 100% athlete and rider driven. The wide lenses and flexible frames provide an uninhibited field of view and optical precision. Soaza goggles have easy-to-change lenses for optimal performance in varying light conditions. The goggles also feature universal helmet compatibility and a silicone lined strap that grips to headwear. Soaza frames are comfortable, tough and made of the highest quality Italian thermoplastics. The frames also have a hypo allergenic, multi layer Whipped Cream face foam. The double lenses are scratch resistant; antifog treated and provide 100% UVA/UVB/UVC protection.
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