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Shred SLAM CAP LIGHT - Credit Card



Sizes (adjustable): XS/M- (53-57), M+/XL (57-61)
Weight: 450g


  • SlytechNoShock
  • Ice Dot 
  • In-Mold
  • Removable Lining
  • Shred vent system
  • Fitting Wheel allows you to make you fit in seconds
  • Fit PerfectFinder
  • Foldable Vent Cap
  • Vents Switch
  • X-Static

shred slam cap

Slam-Cap Light Credit Card has removable lining which is great when it's time to be washed and a Vent System to help remove the sweaty and hot air when you're sweating. By using a Foldable Vent Cap, you can block the vents on those cold days to help retain the heat. A Fitting Wheel makes adjustments quick and super easy so that you always have the best fit possible. 

All SHRED helmets exclusively incorporate the ICEdot identifier technology. ICEdot Identifiers work hand-inhand with the ICEdot service to identify the athlete to first responders and notify his/her loved ones in case of emergency. The ICEdot x Shred membership PIN is printed on the helmet, linking to a personal ICEdot x Shred
online account with the athlete’s identification, medical info and emergency contacts. This info can be accessed by any first responder with a cell phone. That might be a fellow boarder, skier or a trained paramedic, you never know.

Audio integration compatible - the soft ear pads are ready to host an after market compatible audio system.

Inmolded construction fuses a tough polycarbonate and dent resistant outer shell with the helmet’s impact absorbing soft EPS foam liner for extra durability while
maintaining its super lightweight. Protection, comfort, and performance are maximized.

VENTS SWITCH provides a unique solution with an embedded ultra precision 3 positions switch inside the goggle buckle holder. The switch can also be replaced by a freestyle/summer version without the goggle clip. SHREDVent uses a system of helmet vents to keep your head cool and pull warm and moist air out the goggles and exhaust it out of the helmet to prevent fogging. 

SHRED NOSHOCK™ patented technology is a Honeycomb Cone Structure made in our proprietary SLYTECH 2nd SKiN™ XT. This structure is co-injected with a toughened EPS foam liner to provide a high structural strength, which dissipates impact forces multi-directionally to spread the impact of the force laterally, and limits the transference through the helmet to your head.

The X-STATIC™ or SHREDry comfortable lining is removable for easy cleaning.

This helmet is engineered with an ultimate FIT FINDER system allowing everyone to identify his best fit and position for the helmet on the head and with the goggles by simply adjusting the positions of the 3 arms to which the FITTING WHEEL is connected. A higher position in the back of the head will mean the helmet will be allowed to rotate backwards and fit oversized goggles such as SHRED STUPEFY and MONOCLE. A central position in the back of the head will mean the helmet will have a fit optimized for standard and wide field of view goggles such as SHRED SMARTEFY and SOAZA.
A lower position in the back of the head will mean the helmet will be allowed to rotate forward and fit smaller face goggles such as SHRED TASTIC. The arms on the side/temples will allow to customize the play of the FITTING WHEEL to provide a snug and comfy fit to everyone.

FOLDABLE VENT CAP - The liner is folded over the vents to stop the flow of air during cold days, but can easily be folded back in for best ventilation.

X-STATIC™ is a fiber made with a layer of 99,9% pure silver, which is permanently bonded to the surface of the fabric, providing unparalleled Antimicrobial and Anti-odor properties. A permanent solution to keep your gear fresh, highly breathable and extremely comfortable.
Inmolded construction fuses a tough polycarbonate and dent resistant outer shell with the helmet’s impact absorbing soft EPS foam liner for extra durability while maintaining super its lightweight. Protection, comfort, and performance are maximized. 

A size 56(M) helmet corresponds to 56cm circumferance, a size 58(L) is 58cm, etc….

Remember that every head is different, so the tape measurement may not be as accurate as actually trying the helmet on. The shape of your head is not a perfect circle!

Make your own  ski helmet size guide.



Brand Shred
Colour Black, Gray
Helmet Type Half Shell
Adjustable Yes
Helmet name Slam Cap NoSeason
Helmet chinguard option No

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Shred SLAM CAP LIGHT - Credit Card



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Shred Slam-Cap LIGHT Credit Card is safe, light and comfortable, an innovative in-molded helmet for the skier who wants protection and comfort when going down the mountain, park, pipe or streets. Equipped with SlyTech 2nd Skin and SlyTech No Shock, these technologies are designed to absorb and dissipate the brunt of an impact. The foam in the SlyTech 2nd Skin is a progressive shock absorber that adapts to different forces depending on the impact. The SlyTech No Shock dissipates the force multi-directionally to limit the amount of impact in a single location.