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Shred OMNIBOT - Synchro (Show Room Model)



Colour: red/black
Lens: double polarized rose / clear with multi flash yellow mirror, VENT (SHOS011).

SHRED POLARIZED lenses reduce glare by blocking out all angles of scatterd and
reflected light off of surfaces such as snow and water. The polarization process eliminates light that distorts color , buth guarantees a depth perception and improves vision. The result is clean lenses that deliver proper clarity and contrast and achieve optical perception.

FLOWtex is a moisture wicking surface over vent holes that keeps vents clear of snow
and ice, for a perfect ventilation no matter how bad is the weather.

The Altitude Compensation Valve eliminates distortion at high elevation on lenses with the widest field of view.

The Omnibot frame is a product of the highest quality Japanese thermoplastics and comes with hypoallergenic, multi layer Whipped Cream face foam. The double lenses are scratch resistant, antifog treated and offer 100% UVA/ UVB/UVC protection.


  • 100% athlete & rider driven
  • uninhibited field of view
  • universal helmet compatibility
  • produced of highest quality
  • tough, flexible thermoplastic frame
  • hypoallergenic multi layer ultra soft face foam
  • antifog treated, scratch resistant double lenses
  • anti distortion valve
  • 100% UVA/UVB/UVC radiation protection


Brand N/A
Colour N/A
Goggles style N/A
Goggles model Omnibot
Goggles lens type Cilindrical
Goggles size XLarge
Goggles filter category N/A
Goggles lens tech N/A
Goggles spare lens available Yes

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Shred OMNIBOT - Synchro (Show Room Model)
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Shred polarized Omnibot goggles. Making the difference in style. Retro look with the highest technology available.The Omnibot combines superior ventilation on a huge flexible polyurethane frame with a retro look. Omnibot goggles have easy to change cylindrical lenses for optimal performance in varying light conditions. The frames also feature universal helmet compatibility, and a silicone-lined strap that grips to headwear.