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Shred Monocle kit 7 lenses, mixed colors



  • VLT is the amount of light transmitted through a lens. VLT transmittance is then translated into a Lens Category Number. The higher the number the more visual light that is transmitted through the lens. The lower the CAT number the more visual light that is transmitted through the lens.Filter Category classified as: S0 Very light lens, S1 Light lens, S2 Medium lens, S3 Dark lens, S4 Very dark lens.
Name Lens VLT  CAT number   Weather conditions
BLUE Light blue VLT 62% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
BROWN Brown VLT 26% S2 Sunny/partly cloudy
ROSE Rose VLT 56% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
YELLOW Yellow VLT 74% S1 Bad weather/night skiing
ORANGE Orange VLT 30% S2 Sunny/partly cloudy
CLEAR Clear VLT 90% S0 Night skiing


vlt shred lenses




Brand Shred
Spare lenses type Cilindrical, Single
Goggles model Monocle

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Shred Monocle kit 7 lenses, mixed colors
Stock: In stock
Single spare lenses for shred MONOCLE ski goggles, with 100% UVA UVB UVC protection. Kit includes 7 lenses: 2 x rose, orange, yellow, clear, blue, brown
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