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[DEMO helmet] Shred Mega Brain Bucket RH S-DUPER



Sizes: XS/S (53-56), M/L (57-60)

You can find chinguards for S Duper on this link (it is not included in price of helmet).

MEGA BRAIN BUCKET RH production process ensures the highest quality and it features ICEdot technology, removable X-STATIC™ silver fiber inner lining providing unparalleled Antimicrobial and Anti-odor properties as well as a comfortable and dry fit, Custom Fitting system and Adjustable Ear Pads. Meets and exceeds CE EN1077/A, ASTMF2040 as well as FIS 2013 RH race helmets requirements for the highest safety standards.

All SHRED helmets exclusively incorporate the ICEdot identifier technology. ICEdot Identifiers work hand-in-hand with the ICEdot service to identify the athlete to first responders and notify his/her loved ones in case of emergency. The

ICEdot x Shred membership PIN is printed on the helmet, linking to a personal ICEdot x Shred online account with the athlete’s identification, medical info and emergency
contacts. This info can be accessed by any first responder with a cell phone. That might be a fellow boarder, skier or a trained paramedic, you never know.

This helmet features Slytech’s latest impact protection innovation with its SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ Foam Technology. A layer of SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ is added to provide a progressive shock absorber that intelligently adapts to the different forces and speeds of a crash. The shock absorption increases proportionally to the strength of the impact and to protect completely at any impact level. In addition, the SLYTECH 2ND SKiN™ recovers naturally from the impact and allows for better protection in a series of impacts.

SHRED NOSHOCK™ patented technology is a Honeycomb Cone Structure made in our proprietary SLYTECH 2nd SKiN™ XT. This structure is co-injected with a toughened EPS foam liner to provide a high structural strength, which dissipates impact forces
multi-directionally to spread the impact of the force laterally, and limits the transference through the helmet to your head.

A size 54 helmet corresponds to 54cm circumferance, a size 58 is 58cm, etc….

Remember that every head is different, so the tape measurement may not be as accurate as actually trying the helmet on. The shape of your head is not a perfect circle!




Brand Shred
Year 2015
Colour Pattern, White
Helmet Type F.I.S.
Adjustable Yes
Helmet name Mega brain bucket RH
Helmet chinguard option Yes

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[DEMO helmet] Shred Mega Brain Bucket RH S-DUPER



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