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Shred Half Brain ski helmet



Sizes (adjustable):  XS/M- (52-56), M+/XL (57-61)
Weight: 478 g (XS/M)
Material: ABS + EPS
Construction: Hard Shell 
Certifications: EN1077B in ASTMF2040 
Shred half brain styles: clarity, b-line, flurry, frosting, shrasta, skyward.


  • Chin guard compatible.
  • Aegis microbe shield
  • Removable lining and ear/neck pads for easy cleaning.
  • Foldable Vent Cap.
  • Vent air control for comfort and goggles fogging prevention.
  • Audio integration compatible.
  • Fit PerfectFinder - fitting Wheel allows you to dial with  your gloves in seconds.

Aegis microbe shield - Surface treatment providing long term antimicrobial properties.

Foldable vent cap - The liner is folded over the vents to stop the flow of air during cold days, but can easily be folded back in for best ventilation.

uses a system of helmet vents to keep your head cool and pull warm and moist air out the goggles and exhaust it out of the helmet to prevent fogging.

Audio integration compatible - the soft ear pads are ready to host an after market compatible audio system. 

This ski helmet is engineered with an ultimate FIT PERFECT FINDER system allowing everyone to identify his best fit and position for the helmet on the head and with the goggles by simply adjusting the positions of the 3 arms to which the FITTING WHEEL is connected. A higher position in the back of the head will mean the helmet will be allowed to rotate backwards and fit oversized goggles such as SHRED STUPEFY and MONOCLE. A central position in the back of the head will mean the helmet will have a fit optimized for standard and wide field of view goggles such as SHRED SMARTEFY and SOAZA. A lower position in the back of the head will mean the helmet will be allowed to rotate forward and fit smaller face goggles such as SHRED TASTIC. The arms on the side/temples will allow to customize the play of the FITTING WHEEL to provide a snug and comfy fit to everyone

A size 56(M) helmet corresponds to 56cm circumference, a size 58(L) is 58cm, etc….

Remember that every head is different, so the tape measurement may not be as accurate as actually trying the helmet on. The shape of your head is not a perfect circle!

Make your own  ski helmet size guide.



Brand Shred
Colour Black, Blue, Gray, White
Helmet Type Half Shell
Adjustable Yes
Helmet name Half brain
Helmet chinguard option Yes

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Shred Half Brain ski helmet
Stock: In stock
Shred Half Brain is a tough low profile helmet that gives riders an unparalleled sense of safety and style in the park, on the hill, or in the backcountry. Aegis surface treatment providing long term antimicrobial properties.
    • M+/XL (57-61)
      M+/XL (57-61)
    • XS/M- (52-56)
      XS/M- (52-56)
    • B-Line
    • Clarity
    • Flurry
    • Shrasta
    • Skyward
    • Skyward 18/19
      Skyward 18/19
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