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Shred Brain Bucket - NORFOLK RUST



Sizes: XS (51-53), S (54-56), M (56-58)


  • Chin guard compatible
  • Exceeds safety standards CE EN1077/A and ATM F2040.
  • Ice Dot technology
  • Dual density

shred brain bucket

SHRED Dual Density EPS liner is designed to enhance impact absorption by adjusting thickness and density in key areas of the helmet.

All SHRED helmets exclusively incorporate the ICEdot identifier technology. ICEdot Identifiers work hand-inhand with the ICEdot service to identify the athlete to first responders and notify his/her loved ones in case of emergency. The ICEdot x Shred membership PIN is printed on the helmet, linking to a personal ICEdot x Shred online account with the athlete’s identification, medical info and emergency contacts. This info can be accessed by any first responder with a cell phone. That might be a fellow boarder, skier or a trained paramedic, you never know.

A size 56(M) helmet corresponds to 56cm circumferance, a size 58(L) is 58cm, etc….

Remember that every head is different, so the tape measurement may not be as accurate as actually trying the helmet on. The shape of your head is not a perfect circle!

Make your own  ski helmet size guide.



Brand Shred
Colour Gray, Pink, Red
Helmet Type Full Shell
Adjustable No
Helmet name Brain Bucket Mini
Helmet chinguard option Yes

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Shred Brain Bucket - NORFOLK RUST



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Shred Brain Bucket Norfolk Rust ski helmet is made for children or small faces. For maximum safety on ski slopes and on racing tracks, with chin guard option. Developed to provide outstanding safety and comfort in Shred style. Designed with the same care of the helmets made for our pros, the Brain Bucket is built with a Dual Density EPS core for superior safety and it features the exclusive ICEdot technology. Meets and exceeds CE EN1077/A and ASTMF2040 for the highest safety standards.
    • M (56-58)
      M (56-58)
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