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Rossignol skis Hero FIS SL (R21 WC), 165 cm, R13 m



  • Bindings: SPX 15 Rockerflex (mount NOT included)
  • Plate: R21 World Cup
  • Length: 157 cm ( 12 m ), 165 cm ( 13 m )
  • Sidecut: 15/66/100 mm, 120/67/103 mm
  • Technology: Prop Tech, Cascade tip, Power turn rocker, Rectangular sandwich
  • Profile: Rocker height - Power turn Rocker, Profile sidecuts - Prop Tech, Structure - Sandwich Rectangular
  • Core Material: Wood
  • Construction reinforcementsFibro/metal & Tip protector
  • Factory tuning: 0.7-1 degree base bevel and 3 degree side angle

rossignol spx 15 rockerflex

The all-new SPX 15 ROCKERFLEX is an elite-level, competition race binding with an 8-15 indicator range and 80mm brake. The new SPX ROCKERFLEX features a smaller mounting zone and partially suspended heelpiece, allowing enhanced ski flex and control. Combined with our reinforced Pivot toe, the SPX Rockerflex delivers the industry's strongest coupling strength (boot-to-binding interface) for maximum power transmission, precision, and control. Featuring the longest elastic travel on the market, SPX bindings also provide superior shock absorption, reducing unwanted pre-release for dependable, trustworthy alpine performance. And with a substantial reduction in weight, reduced ramp angles for a more neutral, upright stance, and improved step-in/step-out functionality, the SPX offers less fatiguing, more user-friendly alpine performance. The race-specific Rockerflex bridge neutralizes pressure between toe and heel, delivering the most natural ski flex.
The SPX 15 ROCKERFLEX is designed for use with R21 WC and R21 Racing plates. 

Prop Tech: developed in response to the new FIS turn radius regulations, Prop Tech is a transversal ski flex release system. Vertically machined slots in the metal laminate provide more adaptive torsional flex for increased control, smoother turn initiation, superior power transfer, and improved edge contact.

Cascade tip: varying lengths of metal and fiberglass laminates staggered through the tip of the ski provide a lighter extremity and help control tip torsion, smoothing out turn initiation and improving full edge contact. The lighter weight tip improves the swing weight of the ski for quick and adaptable turn initiaton.

Power turn rocker: traditional high camber through 90% of the ski's length delivers power and edge grip for explosive snap and boost. The subtle rocker tip over the remaining 10% allows easier turn initiation easier and control.

Rectangular sandwich: a modern sandwich construction featuring a wood core, full-length vertical sidewalls, fiberglass, and titanal or carbon laminates. The wood core gives the ski its character, as well as great snowfeel. The rectangular structure enables improved flex distribution, while the vertical walls give immediate, powerful grip. Grip, Power, Control.



Brand Rossignol
Quantity pair

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Rossignol skis Hero FIS SL (R21 WC), 165 cm, R13 m



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Rossignol skis Hero FIS SL (R21 WC) is the new, F.I.S. approved, World Cup slalom ski designed for elite-level athletes and competitive racers. Early Rise tip rocker speeds turn initiation for faster, more aggressive lines while new rounded tips with WC Springblade technology improve swing weight and inertia, putting the ski on edge even faster. The HERO FIS SL features World Cup titanal sandwich construction and the new R21 WC race plate for optimum precision, balance and power.