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Professional timing system REI 2



- Keyboard: the simplified command keys ensure that the machine’s functions can be accessed with maximum ease.
- Display: large (127 x 34mm) LCD with user-activated backlighting and contrast control. The graphical display mode is a unique innovation, making it possible to highlight the most important information by using different-size characters where necessary, and to organize data in a more logical way.
- Printer: silent, high-speed thermal printer can function in a broad temperature range (-20 + 70°C), with a printing speed of up to 8 lines a second.
Inputs: the REI2 has 4 separate inputs (Start, Stop, Lap, Aux) on the back of the device, and 4 keys for manual line activation. Three additional analog inputs are available for connection to different types of sensors (thermometers, hygrometers, wind guages, etc.) and digital Input/Output for the control of various accessories.
- LINKPOD expansion system: As well as the 4 main inputs on the device, the REI2 can accomodate up to 80 additional external inputs through the LINKPOD expansion system. The external inputs are insulated from the chronometer power supply in compliance with swimming-race regulations. The expansion pods can be placed a long distance away (several hundred meters). It is also possible to disable the lines and to modify disactivation times individually. The logical channel of each line can be re-assigned via firmware.
- Wireless connectivity: the REI2 can be used in combination with the LinkGate radio transmission system. As well as start and finish times, it is possible to transmit 14 intermediate times or to acquire up to 16 passing speeds from the same number of timing zones.
- Memory capacity: the REI2 can permanently store about 60,000 impulses (memory is saved when the device is switched off).



Brand Microgate

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Professional timing system REI 2
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Microgate's REI2 is a professional, homologated desktop chronometer that provides unprecedented innovation and reliability at a very affordable price point. It's architecture allows it to take advantage of the modular philosophy that is a trademark of Microgate. With its large, menu-driven LCD, the REI2 is one of the most intuitive timers on the market, and its impressive variety of general and specialized timing applications makes it a true professional's tool. Programs: single starts, group starts, basic stopwatch, parallel slalom,show jumping, swimming, PC On-line program, track- based events, testing.