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Prewash sport



Sportswear and other functional clothing, whether for climbing, running or just playing
football, is normally made of synthetic fibres. Many of these ‘functional fabrics’ cannot survive a boil wash or even temperatures above 60 degrees Celsius. So to clean sensitive garmentslike these effectively, stains must be treated before washing. This is where PreWash Sport comes in: it’s specially tailored to the unique properties of sports clothing and functionalfabrics.
Top notch cleaning − even at rock bottom temperatures
PreWash Sport has a gentle lemon scent and is easy to use – simply apply directly to stains using the soft brush built into the bottle top. PreWash Sport’s innovative formula attacks stains without attacking sensitive synthetic materials. After letting PreWash Sport work in for a while, simply wash the treated garment with the rest of the laundry as normal. For ultimate hygiene washing, try Holmenkol’s TextileWash – rated “very good” for dermatological friendliness by Dermatest, the independent research institute. Although PreWash Sport stain remover cleans most effectively in combination with TextileWash, it can also be used with conventional detergents. Always follow the garment’s washing instructions. PreWash Sport is available in stores now as a handy 250 ml bottle with built-in applicator brush.



Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Care
Textile care quantity No

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Prewash sport



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PreWash Sport 250ml
Sports and outdoor activities inevitably lead to stains on clothing – anything from grass stains to soil, sand or grease. In the past, combating these with aggressive stain removers ran the risk of ruining expensive sportswear and functional clothing, leaving it looking unsightly or cheap. Holmenkol’s brand new, specially formulated PreWash Sport stain remover lets you treat stains before washing and goes gently on
‘functional fabrics’.