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Microgate Witty - wirelles trainig timer



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The WITTY System includes all the accessories necessary to immediately start a training session:

  • 1 Witty timer
  • 2 wireless photocells
  • 2 reflectors
  • 4 telescopic tripods
  • 1 battery charger (charges the two photocells and timer simultaneously)
  • 4 USB Cable
  • 1 backpack for transport with safety padding (contains all the components of the Kit, including accessories)
  • 1 Witty Manager software

The compact size and anatomical form make the Witty timer practical and easy to use in the field. The Witty’s wireless transmission allows coaches to move around the training pitch and can provide immediate feedback to athletes.

Witty has been developed to satisfy timing requirements for all forms of training and testing. The timer comes with a variety of preconfigured tests, used in  athletic preparation (including  sprint, shuttle, endurance, course), it also allows the trainer to define and set  sport specific customized tests.

Due to the integrated transmission system, which has a range of 150 meters, the photocells are highly reliable. Redundant radio transmission ensures that the data acquired is transmitted to the timer with the maximum precision (±0.4 thousandths of a second) even if the signal is disturbed. The Witty timer remotely recognizes the photocell ID number, so the user can easily set the signal type on the photocell: start, stop, and intermediate times.
It is also possible to use the Witty System with double photocells, i.e. one on top of the other, so that only the simultaneous interruption of both photocells generates a signal. This system ensures that the photocells are interrupted by the chest and not by the athlete’s leading arm. It is also possible to use an unlimited number of photocells to allow intermediate times.

Witty Manager is a PC software for MS Windows (XP Sp3, Vista, Win7, Win8) for managing the trials timed with Witty, displaying rankings, graphs, histories, etc.
The main functions are:

  • managing Athletes' Personal Data including pictures and divided into groups of categories
  • managing the Start Lists
  • creating Customized Test definitions
  • downloading data from Witty and displaying Results in highly configurable tables and graphs
  • updating the Witty and photocell firmware
Weight 169g, battery included
Dimensions 75 x 103 x 48 mm
Operating temperature 0° C/+45°C
Minimum resolution 0.125 ms
Delay with respect to the event 1 ms
Optical range 12 m
Radio module Multi-Frequency Transceiver 433-434MHz
Radio transmission Digital FSK transmission; redundant code with information correctness verification and auto-correction
Radio frequencies 433.1125 MHz to 434.7375 MHz
Radio transmission power 10 mW
Impulse transmission accuracy  ±0.4 ms
Radio transmission range Approx. 150 meters
Processing unit 16-bit microprocessor
Time base 8 MHz quartz, stability ±30ppm between 0°C and +45°C
Power supply Internal lithium ion battery, external power supply 5VDC
Battery charging Integrated intelligent charging device
Battery life > 10 hours
Connections MICRO USB type B connector for charging and connecting to a PC
Jack connector for external input connection or double photocells.


Brand Microgate
Year No
Cones colour No
Corner poles fi No
Dome base type No
Goal fi No
Graduated hurdle ferrule No
Hurdles ferrule No
Linesman set type No
Mach set cross bar (material) No
Panel colour No
Football set pcs No
Football shapes ferrule No

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Microgate Witty - wirelles trainig timer
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The compact size, ergonomic shape, and innovative design makes Microgate Witty timer practical and easy to use. Graphical icons and on screen instructions on its color display ensure user-friendliness and ease of use. With8 different radio frequencies to choose from, it is possible to work simultaneously with several Witty timing systems (timer and photocells) in the same training area. Various preconfigured test types are available (single tests, group tests, in-line tests, go & return, counter, etc.), plus the user can also create customized test protocols directly on the timer. Witty stores and displays all times which can then be downloaded into the Witty Manager software. We do not ship this product WorldWide.
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