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MicroGate Witty Tab Kit1 (on its own)



Kit includes:

  • Display-board
  • 2 Photocells + 2 Reflectors
  • 4 tripods for photocells + 1 bigger tripod for WittyTab
  • 1 Backpack + 1 padded Bag
  • 1 Charger 12V + 1 Charger Usb

The 2 lead storage batteries guarantee stand-alone operation for at least 10 hours without the need for a connection to the a.c. mains supply.
The WITTY·TAB display board has an internal timer and comes complete with a radio transceiver able to communicate with Witty photocells: as the athlete passes, the photocell transmits the pertinent signal (start/lap/stop) to the board by radio. The transmission range is 150 metres under standard conditions.

It can be used on its own, in combination with Witty photocells only; in this mode, times are simply displayed, without being saved for subsequent computer analysis.


Weight 2.9 kg, batteries included
Dimensions 13 x 41.5 x 6 cm (H x W x D)
Operating temperature 0° C/+45°C
Measurement resolution 4 x 10-5 s (1/25000 s)
LED matrix Numerical: 6 digits x 7 segments (10 x 5 LEDs) with 4 punctuation marks (full stop or colon) with manual/automatic brightness adjustment.
Radio transmission Digital FSK transmission; redundant code with information correctness verification and auto-correction
Radio frequencies 433.1125 MHz to 434.7375 MHz
Radio transmission power 10 mW
Radio transmission range Approx. 150 meters
Processing unit 16-bit microcontroller
Time base 12.8 MHz quartz, stability ±10ppm between 0°C and +45°C
Power supply Two internal Pb batteries
Battery charging Intelligent external Pb battery charger device
Battery life > 10 hours
Buttons • START/STOP button
• LAP/RESET button
Connections • Type B MICRO USB connector to connect to a PC
• Jack connector for external input/output




Brand Microgate
Year No

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MicroGate Witty Tab Kit1 (on its own)
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