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Liski Flex Barrier PROFESSIONAL



Trolley for kick wall allows to use the barrier on synthetic or very hard ground; thanks to 4 wheels and to the handle can be moved easily with a minimal effort. New single trolley allows to use the barrier also on synthetics or very hard fields; used individually for dribbling trainings, being at ground level and with its accident-prevention geometry, allows the player to pass very close the shapes. Used as support trolley for kicks, the barrier get back into position after impact, thanks to its anti-tipping conformation. Trolley is equipped with a rope for easy transport and for dragging while working; all with minimal effort.



Brand Liski
Cones colour No
Corner poles fi No
Dome base type No
Goal fi No
Graduated hurdle ferrule No
Hurdles ferrule No
Linesman set type No
Mach set cross bar (material) No
Panel colour No
Football shapes ferrule No

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Liski Flex Barrier PROFESSIONAL



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Flex barrier is composed of five shapes which are fixed on 2 support poles supplied with a mechanical flex system on the bottom part. Once hit, the barrier comes back to the start position. It’s very versatile and can be used also for training to improve dribbling, being an obstacle reflecting usual situations during the matches.
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