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Leki WC TrigerS poles for GS



Tube: 16mm ALU - TBS or 18mm ALU

Length: 120 to 140 cm

- Race series
- Trigger S grip
- Trigger S strap
- Ultra sonic finish
- Carbide tip/aerodynamic cone basket
- The first safety binding in a ski pole
- Absolute reliable strap release function
- Racing grip in perfect design for speed disciplines - ergonomically shaped with 4 finger notches
- Integrated positive angle for perfect swing action
- Super Power Grip - perfect handling, a maximum in control due to the integrated grip lines




Brand Leki
Quantity pair
Poles type Speed racing
Poles material Aluminium
Poles trigger S Yes

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Leki WC TrigerS poles for GS



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Leki World Cup Giant Slalom Trigger S Ski Poles. The Leki World Cup GS is for speed-freaks aiming to go faster than ever before. Its aluminum construction which includes high tensile strength even though it is very low in weight features Leki's trigger S safety system, which saves your wrists from being hurt should your pole get caught up during a fall.