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Holmenkol SealNGlade + glaze



Quantity: 20ml (20m2), 100ml (25-80m2), 1000ml (250-800m2)


  • boosts the preformance of woven cloths, laminates and foil sails
  • improvement of glidability/rolling behavior (considerably easier trimming, setting and recovering mainsails, genuas spinnakers and gennakers)
  • considerable reduction of friction in the mast groove and profile forestay
  • high water and dirt resistance
  • reduction of mildew spots that have formed
  • increases in the breaking load of sails without increasing the weight on the sail
  • Optimization of aerodynamic properties
  • Smoothing and improved look of the sailcloth ( used for sales)
  • very long life
  • resistant to cleaning chemicals

1. Place the sail on the arc and attach to the corner points (weights, linen cloth or pegs).
2. Mix SEALnGLIDE  with water (accordingin to the mixture table of the instructions included with the product).
4. Mix well. The mixture (coating) should be appiled within 1-2 hours.
5. Dab on the SEALnGLIDE solution e.g. with a sponge.
6. Distribute with a regular household mop or sponge completely moisten the sail, remove excess material.
7. Let dry for approx  3 hours (depends on external temperature and humidity).
8. Repeat the procedure on the other side of the sailcloth.



Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Care

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Holmenkol SealNGlade + glaze



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Holmenkol SealNGlade + glaze is nanotechnologic coating which generates strongly water and dirt repelling surface properties. It optimizes the performance and sliding abilities of sail cloth. It supplies a much better and longer lasting protection shield than traditionally applied technologies can do. For all sails, spis, rolling and stow away sails, no matter if new or used.
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