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Holmenkol Reflective Marking Spray



Content: 150 ml
Especially suitable for cyclists, but also for the smallest generation about child safety, whether on the way to school or for training in the evening.

Always safe on the road

  • very highly reflective Spray
  • application on various surfaces (textiles and textile compounds, metal, plastic)
  • reflective effect is visible with frontal illumination by light sources
  • leaves bit grey shimmer on application areas
  • easily removable by conventional cleaning agents and detergents such as Holmenkol Bike Wash (to bicycles etc.) or Textile Wash (for clothing)

Always ready - just spray

The spray is suitable for:

  • different clothes such as sports, functional clothing, children's clothing and hats
  • shoes, boots, helmets, gloves, protectors, backpacks and schoolbags
  • bicycles, skateboards and scooters; not suitable for use on carbon (leaves stains)

Easily removable by conventional cleaning agents and detergents such as Holmenkol Bike Wash (to bicycles etc.) or Textile Wash (for clothing).                         



Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Care
Textile care quantity 150 ml

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Holmenkol Reflective Marking Spray
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Holmenkol has developed a Reflective Marking Spray that easy to apply on clothing and other materials. Especially in poor visibility or darkness, it is important to wear flashy or reflective clothing. The reflective effect is visible with frontal illumination by light sources. Many people do not want to give up their jogging unit or cycling even in winter. The Reflective Marking Spray can be quickly and easily applied to various surfaces. You can apply the reflective effect to sports and functional clothing as well as to caps. You may apply the spray even on your bike, on shoes, helmets, gloves, protectors or backpacks. The reflective property is visible in frontal lighting and suitable for pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders and scooter riders in dark or poor visibility. The spray can be easily removed with conventional cleaning agents and detergents.
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