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Holmenkol Lube Extreme, 250 ml



Quantity: 250ml

LubenSpeed is unique in the low friction 'dry' lubrication it offers. In addition the finish is more durable than ANY competing conventional spray or liquid. Before applying LubenSpeed to any surface always prepare the surface first with Sport Celan. Spray a thin layer of Lube onto the surface. Do not overspray as this is detrimental and wasteful.

1. clean surface with SportClean
2. spray on a thin layer




Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Care
Textile care quantity 250 ml

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Holmenkol Lube Extreme, 250 ml



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Holmenkol Lube Extreme is Nano lubricant for extreme dirt repellence. Minimizes dirt sticking to the chain. Excellent creeping performance, very good lubrication. With high performance corrosion protection. Easier cleaning of chains, gear wheels, derailleurs, blocks etc. Considerable reduction of corrosion, abrasion and wear.
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