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Flat matresses



Height : 35,50,70,100,150,200,250,280 cm.
Lenght :
150 or 200 cm
Thickness :
6,10,15,20 cm


Brand Liski
Danger signes type No
Info signes type No
Slopes pole material No
Mattress colour No
Flat mattress size 150×100cm
Mattress thickness No
Mattress hole size N/A
Mattress height N/A
Classification signes type No
Prohibition signes type 14111/1
Mandatory signes type No
Danger panels 200 type No
Danger panels 75 type No
Frame size No

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Flat matresses
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Flat metresses, available by measurements and colours by request. Buttonholded on all sides.
Ready for shipment in 24h. We ship worldwide. Tax exception for non-EU countries and EU businesses with valid VAT ID.