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Bike Wash - special cleaning fluid



Quantity: 250ml

Cleaning bikes with water can easily cause staining – or even cause metal parts to develop surface rust. Not so with Bike Wash, thanks to its unique “rinse off and shine” effect, leaving your bike sparkling clean – without cleaning residue. The secret: Bike Wash uses special nanotechnology developed by HOLMENKOL – creating a water-resistant coating which dries rapidly and actively protects against corrosion.

Bike Wash's special dirt-dissolving ingredients make it easier than ever to clean those hardto-reach parts of the bike. And high-tech nanocomposites make it harder for dirt to stick in the first place – slashing maintenance times and simplifying cleaning.

  • Actively protects against corrosion
  • Superior resistance to dirt
  • Cleans hard to reach parts
  •  “Rinse off and shine effect” – dries rapidly, leaving your bike
  • sparkling and residue-free
  • Tensides are easily biodegradable
  • Bike is immediately ready for use after cleaningDue to its extraordinary consistency sticky oil and dirt (grease, salt, incrustation, tar, etc.) can be removed even from depressions. Sport Clean + Remove drops less than common cleaners do.

Spray bike with Bike Wash and leave it to work in for five minutes. Wash off with clean water. Done! Ideal for cleaning bikes before applying HOLMENKOL DirtProtector



Brand Holmenkol
Textile care type Care
Textile care quantity No

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Bike Wash - special cleaning fluid
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Special cleaning fluid for painted, metal and carbon surfaces. An ideal all-in-one solution, Bike Wash cleans bikes quickly and eliminates the need for multiple cleaning products. So at the end of a strenuous ride, even the weariest biker can return their bike to tip-top condition in just a few minutes. And Bike Wash isn't just limited to metal and painted metal parts – it's also approved for use with carbon, making it perfect for
cleaning carbon surfaces without causing damage.
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