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Back protector Zandona - SPINE jacket X8



Color: black/red
Body height: 168cm - 187cm
Waist - shoulder: 47cm
Waist size: M , L

The coupled material of P.E. + tissue, which is support of the protective system, is Soft, Transpiring and Anti-bacterial. The lumbar belt waist closing with its double elastic regulation system is excellent and comfortable. The back protector is comfortable because it follows and satisfi es the natural forward movement of the spinal column, limits the reward twisting and gives an excellent protection.

  • Anti-Torsion: back dangerous backwards-twist control;
  • Contact Zone: membrane which creates an air-cushion effect;
  • Logo insert;
  • Perforated plastic plates to perform ventilation;
  • Plate colours: Black, White;
  • Shaped upper plate to avoid helmet contacts;
  • Inner part of plastic plates has irregular honeycomb design, to perform the Shock-Absorption;
  • High-Performance Anti-Shock rubber inside;
  • CE approved, lev.2;
  • Engineering and manufacturing: MADE IN ITALY.




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Back protector Zandona - SPINE jacket X8
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Spine Jacket is a 100% made in Italy back protector made by precious materials, studied to protect the back zone from collisions and to offer a good kidney support. It is composed by high-technology deformable structure and by splinter-proof plastic materials and by rubbers with memory system of cells which guarantees high shock absorption level. It have the top technological materials and solution found up-to nowadays. The plates are splinter-proof in cases of blows or crashes; the number of plates is variable according to the zone to protect and to the user height. The structure underneath the plates has a Memory System of Cells which guarantees high shock absorption level. The plates are joined to a drop a wire system which guarantees the impact distribution throughout the whole protection surface.