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B.S.I. WaxPro Machine - waxing iron, 125 mm



  • Roller 125mm,
  • 230/115V, 300W
  • 155˚C,
  • 280x170x80mm,
  • 2,8 kg.


Year No
Brand B.S.I.
Irons type Manual

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B.S.I. WaxPro Machine - waxing iron, 125 mm



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Using a B.S.I. waxer Skis or Snowboards can be waxed in a few seconds. Simply push the ski or board once over the silicon roller, which spreads the wax evenly over the ski or board base, scrape off the excess wax and polish the base. B.S.I. waxing machines are thermostatically controlled, the wax is heated in the interchangeable wax tray to a temperature of 155°C.
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